Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Slogging Along

Hi everybody!

Well, as the title indicates, I feel like I've just been kinda "slogging along" in my Magic life lately. There has been a lot of "real life" things going on--work, other hobbies. And I haven't focused too much on Magic lately. I'm still playing Naya Superfriends in Standard, and I've been playing Jund in Modern. I've built a mono-blue deck for Legacy, but I keep going back and forth about which direction I want to go in (Countertop or Delver?). I've got 2.5 Commander decks built, but for whatever reason, never get around to playing with them. I've got a few casual decks, but can't get myself to drive across town to play with my casual friends.

Anyway, I did want to share some thoughts about the decks I've been playing. The Naya deck is quite a bit of fun to play, but it's somewhat frustrating that it seems to "just lose" to most tier-1/1.5 strategies. It's possible/probable that I'm not playing things right, however. I don't know. I seem to struggle most against aggro strategies, and Thoughtseize decks. Seriously, enough with the Thoughtseizes. :( Can't a planeswalker just be at peace with his thoughts (of bashing your face in)? Sometimes life just isn't fair.

The Modern Jund deck is a lot of fun to play as well. I feel like just about every matchup is winnable with good play and not-terrible draws. I'm learning how to play against certain matchups (like how important discard is against combo decks). And honestly, it feels good playing with powerful cards like Tarmogoyf and Bob. Kinda wish I could have played with the glory days version of this deck with Bloodbraid Elf and Deathrite Shaman.

I haven't been super active judging since SCG Indy. I've done a couple of events at Mox, but that's about it. Work is getting in the way from doing any significant traveling to events. I'm hoping that changes soon.

Sorry to my readers (probably just searchbots, but still) about the rather bland/vanilla update. I hope to have more detailed reports eventually.